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What you get

What do you get when an education service company that started developing customized Moodle learning management systems turns to developing analytics and easy data transfer products for Moodle? Simple; you get a team that is very experienced and with the in-depth knowledge of the under-the-hood intricacies that make learning institutions come back for more. The software that we developed addresses those who fear leaving their current provider because it would be too much of a hassle to switch over to the new provider. Our free data transfer tool and accompanying report services will allow you to transfer content in less time and monitor your learning management system even without logging in!

What We Do

We started with the learning management basics which is what you see here when you set up an account. Then we give you the ability to use it however you see fit to educate others. We then began to address the following popular questions in very simple ways. What happens when you have the need to create a single customized report or many reports without the hassle of getting nickelled and dimed to death? What happens if you want to escape the excessively expensive learning management system that your current host is providing to you? What if you want to use our fair priced service but have a large amount of data to transfer? What if you want to set up monitored teacher accounts that allows teachers to take more active roles in understanding their learners? Our teams have created simple and easy to use tools to address these questions.

Why Choose Us

Why do Multi-billion dollar content companies use our services to build and monitor efficient learning management systems to extend their services to hundreds of thousands of learners? The answer is simple. We address them just as we address a small school that is just starting out online; with simple fair priced tools that can be used by everyone.

We are in business to help you get the best out of your learning management system and yes this takes money. Our subscriptions model paid monthly or yearly allows you to great services with continual updates in one price. We appreciate our customers and will continue to give them all the future upgrades at not additional cost. Click here to get started. If you have questions, you can contact us via email at . We look forward to seeing you as part of our team and family.

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Customer and Technical Support

Our technical support team is available 24/7.
If you need help with your LMS please feel free to send us a message at or call at 203.548.7751.
We use to help you go through your issues. Please have it installed before the call.